Excellent financing is available for almost all condominium purchases on The Grand Strand but many condos cannot be financed with conventional residential loans – regardless of your qualifications as a borrower. The type of available condo financing is often dependent on the exact characteristics of the property you are buying – right down to the building location, square footage and even the details of the floor plan. You need an expert to advise you!

Many of the most attractive and desirable condos in our area are considered to be "condotels." This is a specific type of condo with popular quasi-commercial features – check-in desk, extensive amenities, daily maid service, etc. Generally speaking, only lenders with in-house programs designed for condotels can finance condotels. Unfortunately, your hometown lender is not going to have such a program but the lenders on our list will. It’s complicated (but we can make it easy for you).

By the way, if the condo you are purchasing is not a condotel, It’s still best to use a local lender familiar with our market.

We are condo financing experts - Let us help you with the complex lender decisions. Please contact one of our The Beach Pro Team members before beginning your search for a property. Our years of experience with thousands of condo sales can save you a great deal of time, effort and money.

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