Here are some features which set apart from all the other websites. Also included are tips and shortcuts so you may want to follow along on the site as you read this.

Easy to use from a desktop, cell phone or any other device

Most sites are now technically “mobile responsive” but most become more difficult to navigate as the device becomes smaller. Every feature was carefully designed to be simple and easy to use from any device. (If you ever encounter a problem, please let us know.)

Interested in current listings, floor plans and other details about a particular resort?

Over 80 of the largest and most “Popular Grand Strand Condo Developments” are listed on the home page (conveniently sorted by geographic areas) right under the featured listings – just click on a development and you’re there! Note that on the cell phone version, you can toggle between the Myrtle Beach list and the North Myrtle Beach list. We plan to eventually add a South Strand list.

There are lots of hard-to-find details which you will not find on the national sites or other local websites.

For each development in the “Popular” list, be sure to click on:

“Overview” Building history and interesting facts about each development. A list of amenities is included as well.

“Floor Plans” These are difficult if not impossible for the typical customer to obtain for most properties. Its especially important because many developments have multiple floor plans (different sizes and configurations) with the same number of bedrooms so listings which appear similar in MLS searches may actually be very different. For example, there are 12 different 2BR floor plans in Dunes Village (different sizes and different views) and you can find them all on our site. To help you put all this in perspective, for most developments, we have also included site plans and coded numbering grids which allow you to identify floor plans, views, and positioning within a given building for any unit number. Overall, we have floor plans, grids and overviews entered for about 100 developments at this time but we plan to continue to add these indefinitely so keep checking.

“Current Listings” All of the current active and pending listings in the development.

“More Pictures” Images from different viewpoints, pictures of amenities, etc.

If you want to go straight to a particular condo development other than the ones in the “Popular” lists on the home page:

No need to head for the “Advanced Search”. Click on the blue “Search Oceanfront Resort Condos” search box at the top of the home page and just start typing in the name of the resort of interest on the page to which this is linked. Boom, you’re there again at the development you want!

To search for a particular subdivision (for houses):

Just start typing in the name of the subdivision in the white “Subdivisions (Houses)” search box on the home page and choose the one (or more) subdivision of interest. This search box appears on a cell phone when the Quick Search is expanded. You can use the other criteria in the Quick Search to further filter the results (Location, Listing Status, Price Range, Bedrooms/Baths).

If you know the MLS # or the street address:

You can use the search box at the very top of the home page (desktop or cell phone version).

Suppose you’re interested in a specific area or type of property:

Use the blue buttons to choose from dozens of natural groupings of listings based on areas and characteristics with just a few clicks (oceanfront condos in Cherry Grove, new houses in Carolina Forest, luxury neighborhoods in Pawleys Island, …)The reality is that it is tricky to set up searches within our MLS which accurately include all the listings you want. We’ve made it easy. Just choose the appropriate blue button on the homepage and then drill down through the choices to exactly what you want. In most cases, 3 clicks will get you to your property. Try it!

For instance, click “Myrtle Beach/Carolina Forest” then click “Oceanfront Condos Downtown” and you will see a grid with every single oceanfront condo development in the downtown area. Then click any of the resorts in the downtown area for current listings and more info for that resort. In fact, we have every oceanfront condo development on the entire Grand Strand included within the selections in these blue buttons. The process works the same for the other blue button for North Myrtle Beach/ Little River, Oceanfront Homes and Condos, New Houses, New Condos/Townhouses and Luxury Neighborhoods.

By the way, these blue buttons were designed largely for cell phone use so that you don’t even have to go to the top navigation tabs.

Sign up for one or more of our monthly newsletters which cover many of these “blue button” natural groupings to keep up with sales and listings.

We publish over 50 versions of our monthly e-newsletter covering different areas and specific buildings. Included are updates for new listings and recent closed sales for every oceanfront condo development on the Grand Strand. Many other resorts too!

Powerful Quick Search

The “Quick Search” at the top of the home page (which can be expanded on the cell phone version) provides the means for most searches to be performed quickly and easily without having to use the complex advanced searches. Simply choose the property type (Residential, Condo/townhouse, etc.) and then use the other choices to search for new construction, oceanfront properties, waterway properties, 55 and older properties, and more. Note that you can choose exact prices (not pre-set ranges). You can also use the Quick Search in combination with the subdivision search box. Please see below for more info about “Areas”.

Area Instead of City

Here is another unusual feature designed to aid customers in obtaining accurate search results. In the Quick Search, you’ll notice that there is not a search by “City”. Most other websites I have looked have their versions of quick searches set up by “City”. The way our local MLS system is set up, cities are very poor criteria for searching. Most of the municipalities have relatively tight city limits and listings located outside of the city limits (the vast majority of all listings) are often not assigned to the “city” nearest to the property. For instance, Prestwick, a popular subdivision just outside of Surfside and Blackmoor, a subdivision just west of Murrells Inlet, both show up as being in the “city” of Myrtle Beach. Meanwhile, Carolina Forest, a huge well-defined bedroom community immediately west of Myrtle Beach which is brimming with new construction cannot be differentiated by a city search at all.

Our Quick Search organizes searches by “areas” instead of cities. Areas are far more consistent within our MLS system, clearly defined by a master map. To help users visualize these areas, we have included a pop up “Area Map” (next to the “Area” search box). For purchasers looking at new homes as well as luxury properties off the beach, this will be extremely helpful because most of the new construction is in areas outside of the municipalities where city searches are misleading or downright useless. The “Area Map” is also an updated, scalable Google map so it’s useful just as a map regardless. We plan to make the map interactive with listings in the future.

Advanced searches and map searches are available:

LInks are located right under the Quick Search on the home page and also under “Buyer Services” and “Seller Services” in the top navigation. You are welcome to register and save searches just as you can on just about any website. However, I urge you to try the timesaving steps offers.

Top navigation - Straightforward with lots of local info

There are headings for geographical areas and types of properties with drop-down menus subdividing into smaller segments much like the blue buttons. There are also lists of buyer services and seller services, as well as headings for Financing/Investing, Area Info,and info about our team and agents. There is a blog heading which will contain newsletters and other topics (coming soon).

Here are some special features which are available to customers.

Closed Sales Histories:

Receive the closed sales histories for over 190 developments since 2009. Info provided for each sale includes sold price, asking price, days on market, closing date, contract date, and more.

Condo and Condotel Lenders:

Receive the Beach Pro Team’s current list of local condo and condotel lenders (conventional lenders for houses too)

Listing Notifications Made Easy:

Just describe what you want in your own words and we'll set you up to be instantly notified by email about new listings, price changes and closed sales within the condo development or residential subdivision of your choice.

Monthly Market Updates and More (Newsletters):

We publish over 50 versions of our monthly e-newsletter covering different areas and specific buildings. Included are updates for new listings and recent closed sales for every oceanfront condo development on the Grand Strand. Many other resorts too!

Let us know what you think about! We welcome any feedback. Keep in mind that this is still a work in progress and we have many more features planned.